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Unimaginable Mini Crawler Crane Application

November 11, 2021

Mini Crawler Crane’s applications has unlimited possibilities for its flexible outrigger positions and electric motor option.

Inside tunnel

Here Mini Crawler Crane is used for the piping work inside tunnel in Malaysia.

It doesn’t emit any poisonous gases due to its motor based engine and you can carry out crane work even with this small space thanks to its outriggers.

For this angle and boom sections, it can lift around 490-600kg, therefore you have enough power to do the piping work.

At the landing of stairs

URW295C is so compact and light weight of less than 2t that it can fit into freight elevators.
And it can crawl and reach stare case to move heavy cargo to lower floor.

Even in small spaces, you can worry less damaging around crane and cargo. Because our crane is straight boom and the movement is precise and predictable.

Inside Church

What should you do when you’d like to replace an organ at church? – Use our mini crawler crane.

The crane is used in a church in Poland. As you can see, flexible footwork of the machine made it possible (of course the operator of the crane is very skilled!)

The possibilities for crane work of Mini Crawler Crane is unlimited. Tell us your unique usages on our SNS.

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