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Purpose of Use

Our Company uses your personal information obtained through the "Contact Form" for the purpose of responding to your inquiries and,except where permitted under law, will not use it for any other purpose without obtaining your prior consent.

Disclosure to Third Parties

  1. Joint Use of Information
    Our Company may use retained personal data (meaning the data defined in Article 2, paragraph 6 of the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information"; the same applies hereinafter) jointly with our group companies (meaning the parent company of Our Company, Furukawa Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries) within the scope required to accomplish the purposes of use. Further, with regard to inquiries to Our Company, if we consider it appropriate for any of our affiliated companies that belong to our group companies to respond to a specific inquiry, such affiliated company may contact you.
    (Party responsible for the management of personal data)

    6-4, Otemachi 2-chome,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Japan
    Furukawa Co., Ltd.
  2. Our Company will not disclose or provide any retained personal data to third parties other than in the cases set forth in the preceding paragraph, except where permitted under law or your consent has been obtained.

Request for Disclosure of Retained Personal Data, Etc.

  1. If, with respect to retained personal data, we receive a request from you or your agent for the notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, rectification of contents, addition, erasure, suspension of use, or suspension of provision to third parties, we will respond to such request in accordance with law.
  2. To make a request pursuant to the preceding paragraph, please send a request for an application form to the following e-mail address.The "Contact" described below will then provide the designated application form. Please fill in the required information and submit the application form by post accompanied by the required documents.


If you have any inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information by Our Company, please contact the following:

E-mail address   privacy@furukawakk.co.jp
6-4, Otemachi 2-chome,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Japan
Furukawa Co., Ltd., Personal Information Inquiries

Amendment of this Privacy Policy

Our Company may amend the policy for handling personal information as needed. Amendments will become effective when the revised version of our policy is posted on Our Company’ s website.

If you are a resident of any EEA member country, namely, any European Union member country, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, please confirm the following:

Personal data will be forwarded to Japan and stored on Our Company’ s servers in Japan. Our Company will properly manage personal data.