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4 in 1 Crane URV550H

November 11, 2021

Having a multi-purpose crane let you have various business opportunities and thus makes your business grow bigger.
Our crane URV550 is the right one to help you for 4 multi-purpose uses below.

1 Crane work
2 Delivery
3 Extra valve for extra hydraulic use
4 Self-Loader for construction machinery

1 and 2 are the advantages of vehicle with Truck-Mounted Crane.

Please see details in “Why Truck-mounted Cranes”?

3. Extra valve for extra hydraulic use

Control valve is the heart of the crane and we manufacture it by ourselves to assure the best quality.
Since we make it by ourselves, we can add control valves for your additional hydraulic usages.

For example, you can use the valve to operate hydraulic winch for car towing.
Or you can also use it to control hydraulic ramp.
Thus our valves can expand possibilities for your hydraulic usage.

4. Self-loader for construction machinery.

The purpose for the long outriggers are for construction machinery to self-load.

You don’t need to take your time to tie your machine to be lifted up by crane because the machine can go up by itself and you can carry it or deliver it wherever trucks can go.

Also URU 550H’s crane maximum lifting capacity is 5 tons but since the machine can go up by itself, you can carry machines of more than 5 tons within the loading capacity of the truck.

For the 4 purposes above, our crane URV550H can multi-purpose work and expand your business possibilities.

For more details and specifications, please see here (URV550H).