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Can you tell me how to see load indicator and load meter?

The functions for those equipment are below,

Load indicator = How much weight you can lift now
Load meter = How much weight the cargo you’re lifting has

The procedure to use them is as below.

1. Set boom where you’d like to lift the cargo.

2. See where the needle points at on the Load Indicator with current boom sections.

3. Remember 2 things below.
a. Weight capacity you can lift
b. The needle is on the area A or B

You are using 3 sections boom.

See the point (a) where the needle is on the black band of 1+2+3 because it’s 3 sections boom.
The needle is locating a little right from 0.75t =you can lift 0.7t.
And the needle is on the area B.

Now see the Load Meter.

3. Adjust engine speed and see needle of Load Meter
points at 0 (zero) while the hook is lifting up with no-load.
And remember that speed.

4. Lift the cargo with the speed in the procedure 3.
*Lift the cargo only 10cm to see if the cargo isn’t too heavy.

5. Read the load meter for the area B which you memorized in procedure 2.
The needle points [0.4t] in Load Meter as the actual weight of the cargo and it is okay to do the job.

You have 0.3t allowance since you can lift 0.7t in the current boom sections.