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Installation, repair and maintenance of elevators

Customer Name: Lift Remont LLC. / Country: Russia / Model: URV 504 (Russia model)

Problem before introducing UNIC

The organization has several cars with UNIC truck-mounted crane and 1 car with knuckle boom crane. It was economically costly to transport the elevator equipment by car without it, because it was necessary to order an additional crane to unload the elevators.

Reasons why you decided to introduce UNIC

UNIC quality and ease of use were the main reasons for purchasing the new UNIC Truck-mounted crane. The use of knuckle boom crane for this type of work is not very convenient.

Benefits after introducing UNIC

The acquisition of UNIC made it possible to reduce the cost of getting other equipment for loading and unloading operations.

Impression of UNIC cranes usage:

Ease of use of UNIC. Everything suits me. There are no complaints about the work and maintenance of the UNIC truck-mounted crane.