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Delivery of reinforced concrete in Hebei

Customer Name: Mr. Song / Country: Hebei, China / Model: URV1204(domestic model in China)

Problem before introducing UNIC

Other users were using cranes of UNIC’s competitors and they were having many troubles such as malfunctions and even overturns of trucks.

Reasons why you decided to introduce UNIC

Many experts of crane operators say that UNIC’s crane is safe and the performance is stable.

Benefits after introducing UNIC

Originally using one unit of 30t lifting capacity truck crane and two units of cargo trucks but the work efficiency was not good.
After introducing UNIC, the crude profit of delivery increased by USD 155 per one way thanks to its 2 in 1 characteristic.

Impression of UNIC cranes usage:

UNIC is easy to operate and performance is stable.

Impression of UNIC dealer’s after-sales support:

I’m highly satisfied with it.